Chest Nut
Affiliations Chowder
Species Imp-like creature
First Appearance The Heavy Sleeper

"Dinga-loo, dinga-lee" -Chestnut

Chestnut is a recurring character in Chowder appearing several episodes of Chowder. He made his debut in "The Heavy Sleeper" when he thought Mung was a dining room table. Chestnut thinks that random objects are different things. (This may be because of his height.) This is heavily implied when He thought Mung was a dining room table, a stop sign was his living room sofa, Chowder's hat being a vacation home, a suitcase being a Hydrafoil car, (both being in "Chowder Loses His Hat"  and pencils being refridgerators. (The BLT's) 

     His occupation is unknown but he was once a BLT proctor. (However it was just his homework for night school.) In the Christmas Special "Hey Hey It's Knishmas!" Chestnut had a "Santa's little helper" job.  He once won a large mixer in "Hands on A Big Mixer." It seemed as though Chowder had won but it turned out Chestnut had his hand on it the whole time.

Chestnut seems to have a strong dislike for Shnitzel in "The Heavy Sleeper" yelling at him for taking his "living room sofa" after Chestnut started to beat him with it when Shnitzel was trying to retrieve Mung Daal from him.

Chestnut ha the "Big Man on Campus" attitude and having to claim anything he finds even if it isn't his. It could be possible he thinks certain objects are different in his eyes so he can tell others they are his. He has a short-temper. (as proven in "The Heavy Sleeper") He once beat Shnitzel with a stop sign for getting him so angry for trying to take his "dining room table" (who was actually Mung.sleeping)


Chest Nut is named clearly after the nut chestnut. 

His name in latin spanish is Castaña, which means Chest Nut in english.