Funny Quotes

  • Chowder: Why is Shnitzel so happy on fivesday, is this the day Shnitzel makes a poo
  • Gazpacho: Chowder get that thing out of hear!!
  • Jim; Oh my gosh!! That guy has no fingers!!!
  • Weirdo in Tower of Power #3: You know, the funniest thing about sportscars is the smell.
  • Midget Weirdo: I have a rash......on my brain....
  • Chowder The cake was a lie! (Portal reference if you don't know this amazing game!!!)
  • Chowder: you can tell me if you have to poo Shnitzel...,so do you?
  • Mung:Yes, Shnitzel we all know it's hard being a rock monster too; but this episode isn't about you, is


Chowder: Mung wanna have some nasty intercoarse?

Mung: Would i?!!!?!!?!?!?!


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