Mung Daal
Aliases Mung

The Best Chef in the World

Occupation Master Chef
Affiliations Chowder (apprentice)
Shnitzel (employee)
Ms. Endive (rival)
Family Truffles (wife)
Kimchi (pet)
Species Blue Humanoid
First Appearance Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin
Voice actor Dwight Schultz

"Sorry ladies I'm a-taken." -Mung Daal

Mung Daal is Chowder's master.He has a big nose,(Which was caused by Big Nose Syndrome from the episode Grubble Gum)a moustache(and a beard which was ripped of by his wife Truffles when he was distracting her from her majhonng game which was mentioned in the episode Mahjonng Night)and glasses.He is a "ladies man" at least he think he is.


  • Mung has a fear of Meaches since meaches have been attacking him for 25 years.
  • Mung doesn't like turnips.
  • Mung is a master of the ancient lost art of Qua-Qua Do.
  • Mung has a tail, although it may not be cannon or he might have removed it since it is absent from some episodes.
  • His first name, "Mung", is a type of bean. His last name, "Daal", is a type of soup.
  • Every time Mung sees Ms. Endive , he says scornfully ...ENDIVE...
  • In India, the language spoken is hindi. In hindi, 'mung' is a type of pulses and 'daal' means pulses only.

So his name would mean 'mung ki daal' which means in hindi, 'pulses of mung' which of course is eaten. Ironically, in the hindi dub of chowder, he is renamed as 'Chef Tadka Laal'. You know what chef means, 'tadka', actually it is used as 'tadka lagana' which is to fry something and 'laal' is a common surname in India